Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

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Beauty sponges aren’t something that have only just come about, in fact I’ve wanted to try the Beauty Blender for the longest time, however the idea of paying £16.00 for a sponge cringes me slightly. That’s why when I saw that Real Techniques have their own spin on the infamous blender, I obviously wanted to give it a go for myself.

Real Techniques isn’t a brand that’s failed me in the past, and it certainly hasn’t now. The sponge blends your foundation seamlessly into the skin and leaves your complexion looking flawless. Not only that, but the addition of the tapered end means that it fits into the contours of your face perfectly, great for blending around the nose and under the eyes.

However, I would say that washing the sponge can be a little tricky, though I do know of cleaners like the Beauty Blender cleaner which is made specifically to wash makeup sponges. Defiantly one that I need to give a go. Overall I would say that this is something that I would recommend, and something that I have been using a lot more recently compared to my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Combo

I may be a little late on the band wagon for this trend (do I call it that?), but It’s taken me this long to see what all the hype is about when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s lips..which is weird as i’m the biggest fan of KUWTK.

I’ve recently been obsessed with this lip combo, as it instantly makes my lips look plumper and much fuller – oh and did I mention it’s from the drugstore?! Even better!

Starting off the lips I applied the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade Eastend Snob. This is the perfect ‘your lips but better shade’, which looks great on it’s own or even topped with a gloss. However, for this looked i’ve paired it with the Kate Moss lipstick (also by Rimmel) in the shade 08. Together they create a gorgeous mauve/pink/brown shade (i’m not the best at explaining as you can tell).

And what’s the best way to show off my new pout? A Kylie inspired selfie of course..

photo 4-8





I’m not going to lie, I like to have a bit of highlighter action going on most days, especially if i’ve stuck to a more matte complexion. Though, I’ve found it hard to find a good powder highlighter that doesn’t apply chalky or that ends up making me look like a glitter ball (trust me, not a good look!). So that’s why when I came across this product, I was all on it. No7 is a brand that I have used a loved before, not only because they’re reasonably priced, but all the products i’ve tried are of great quality. And the same can be said for this – their Instant Radiance Highlighter.

First off, I love the packaging. The handy twist up bullet is convenient and non messy, making it super easy to apply straight onto the desired areas. I tend to keep it to a minimum – tops of my cheek bones, a little down the bridge of my nose and slightly under my brows for an added glow to the skin. The creamy consistency makes blending easy peasy, and it doesn’t end up looking patchy or streaky.

The colour is also perfect for my skin tone, off white with a hint of pink. They also come in a bronze shade, along with a series of cream blushes (next on my list to try). This is defiantly one i’ll be constantly using during the spring/summer months and one that I insist you pick up!


Tips On Staying Motivated and Organised During Exams


One thing that I tend to struggle with during the exam season how to stay motivated during revision. Whether you’re taking your GCSE’s or A Levels everyone’s the same. My main issue is retaining information. No matter how long I study for I can never seem to take it in. That was until I came across these handy tips, which I hope will keep you motivated to keep going!

1. Get a Cute Notebook // This may seem silly, but trust me it works. No one wants to study, especially when your books are dull and uninviting. That’s why having fun and girly books makes such a difference. It’s easier to begin revising when you know you have something cute and inspirational to learn from. I picked up mine from Home Sense, but places like Paperchase also make great alternatives.

2. Colour Code // This is probably the most important for me. I learn better visually, meaning when I have colours related to certain things, it helps me remember it more. (They also make your books look more colourful and pretty). Highlighting works just the same.

3. Get Those Tunes Blastin’ // You heard me. Shuffle your favourite Spotify playlist featuring some of your favourite upbeat songs or even make your own on youtube if you don’t want to make a Spotify account. Not only can you sing along making studying a little less boring, but it actually makes the time go by so much faster!

4. Take a Break // Don’t tire yourself out. You won’t learn anything when you get tired and fed up. I like to study in 30 – 45 minute sections, leaving myself with 5-10 intervals in-between. During this time you can watch a Youtube video, make a cup of tea or something quick to eat. It breaks it down a little more and makes it less boring.

Keep going, you’re nearly there!

February Favourites


It’s that time of month again, and boy has this month gone fast (I know I say that every month but seriously). Although this month is a short one, I still have a bunch of products which I have been loving during the month of February.

Staring out with skincare, and theres two products which I have really been enjoying using! Starting out with the Garnier Moisture Match in the Mattifying formula. This is great if, like me, you tend to get oily skin during the day. The formula is almost silicony, meaning it not only leaves a great base for foundation, but it leaves the skin with a matte finish. This has really been something i’ve been enjoying recently and one I would recommend with those of you with combination to oily skin.

On my more lazy days, makeup wipes are my bff. I must point out however, I only use these in and out, certainly not on an everyday basis. But the Soap and Glory makeup wipes are great. They take off your makeup effectively and whats more they smell divine!

Now onto my favourite part, the makeup! One that’s probably not a shocker to most is my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I can’t say enough good things about this..I could literally sit here and rave about it all day. But that would be boring and slightly repetitive so i’m going to keep it brief. THIS IS AMAZING. There, I said it. Seriously though, the pigmentation of shadows are gorgeous and the shade range is perfect for neutral lovers like myself.

February was the launch of an exciting new product from Benefit. As you all know, Benefit’s They’re Real is my all time favourite mascara, and one that I use religiously. So when I heard that they came out with their new Roller Lash I was beyond thrilled. Now £19.50 isn’t cheap for a mascara, so I wanted to try it before I decided to pick it up. That’s why when I saw that ELLE had a travel size mini in their March issue, I grabbed it asap. Lets just say March may be the month that I buy the full size of this, it grabs every lash to give the illusion of fake lashes, perfect for girls with short lashes like myself.

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite drugstore brands and they’re Kick Ass concealer is also a new favourite. This high-coverange product has been perfect for covering up those pesky blemishes, and with a power to set it all in place, what’s not to love?! Along the lines of drugstore makeup, Maybelline’s Brow Gel has also been a top contender this month. It sets those brows perfectly in me they won’t budge!

And last but not least, my drugstore gem. Natural collection isn’t a brand that I would typically swerve towards whilst browsing the isles of boots, but I happened to this month and picked up an old friend. Their lipstick in the shade Raspberry is stunning. Not only the formula incredible for it only being £2.99 (don’t hold me on that price) but the colour is gorgeous, and ideal for spring/summer.

How Much Is My Makeup Bag Worth?


I was planning on doing a What’s in my Makeup bag for today’s post, but instead I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on the norm. Not only am I going to share with you all what’s inside, but also how much everything is, as well as the total price..eeek!

Mac Blush in Mocha – £18.00
Benefit Porefessional Primer – £24.50
NARS Catfight Lipstick – £19.00
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette – £22.00
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – £5.99
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – £10.99
Maybelline Brow Drama Gel – £4,99
Mac Creme Cup Lipstick – £15.50
Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil Powder – £20.00
Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £19.50
Ted Baker Makeup Bag – £27.00

Total = £186.77

Wow, it never looks as much as it actually is!! I hope you liked this post, would love to know how much your makeup bag is worth!


It’s all about the Brows


Most of the time, my brows are a bushy mess and honestly, I always leave it to the very last minute to do anything about them. That’s why I need products like these to try and tame them; these are a couple I have been loving lately and what have been doing the job nicely.

Soap and Glory’s Archery Brow Pencil is my saviour when it comes to brows. The pencil is thin, making it ideal to fill in small areas, easily making hair-like strokes. It also has a spooley on the other end, which is so handy to brush through the brows. I have mine in the shade Blondshell, the perfect shade for hair colours like mine – dark blonde/light brown.

The last step to my brows is to set them in place. For this I like to use a clear brow gel. One in particular which I love is by Maybelline. Their Brow Drama in the shade Translucent does the desired job perfectly. They also come in shades specified for different hair colours. However, the lightest one looked a bit too gingery for my liking, hence sticking to the clear.

What are your favourite brow products? I would love to know and maybe try them out!