Sick Day Essentials – Beauty and Random


Yep, today is one of those days. Is it me, or am I the only one who seems to get ill all the time? Its usually a pesky old cold, but for some reason i’ve picked up tonsillitis, hooray for me! Seeing as bed rest is on the cards, I thought this would be a great opportunity to write this post sharing with you all of my Sick Day Essentials and a few tips on how to make lying in bed all day a little less dull.

Laptop & Films//

For me, having my laptop around is the most essential. It may seem a little sad to some of you, but you can do pretty much anything, from watching films to actually getting some work done. The film i have been loving recently is The Backup Plan, you can’t beat a good chick flick, especially when you’re ill! But if you don’t have a very selective DVD collection, then spend your time browsing on Netflix, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love to watch!


However, if films aren’t your cup of tea, then put some tunes on. The great thing with music is, there is something for every mood, so make yourself a Sick Day playlist and get listening! Here is a link to my Sick Day playlist, to get you all inspired. Sick Day Playlist


If you’re more of a magazine reader or you enjoy reading a good book, sick days are a perfect time to pick either up and have a good read. I’ve currently been loving the books by Linwood Barclay. If crime thrillers are up your alley then I would recommend his books. Alternatively, I love to browse through Look magazine, its my fav!


As far as beauty goes, I can’t say I wear any makeup when i’m ill. Instead I like to treat myself, for example with a good face mask. I’ve been loving the Superdrug’s own Which Hazel mask. It detoxifies your skin and leaves it clean and soft. Apart from my skin, I like to have a good lip balm handy at all times. Maybelline Baby Lips are great, they come in loads of shades so even if you want a wash of colour, these would be perfect!

Muji Acrylic Storage 2 Drawers Wide – Worth the Hype?



I’m not going to lie, i probably wouldn’t have purchased these drawers without the guidance of most beauty gurus on both youtube and blogs alike. They’re so hyped, i thought that they couldn’t possibly be everything that people say they are. Having said this, i’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup storage solution for a while, so i thought, why not put these to the test.



I did so much research before buying, with much contemplation on size, shape, lid or no lid, number of name it, the choices are endless. In the end i went with 2 of the 2 drawers wide with no lid. As a number of my makeup items are large and bulky, i though the 2 drawers would be deep enough to hold everything, unlike the 5 drawers which i have heard are quite thin.

The one thing i would say with Muji is that there customer service is excellent! I had so much trouble with Royal Mail as my delivery took over 2 weeks longer than usual. When it finally did arrive, the drawers were packaged up so well, i honestly didn’t think i would be able to get to them..probably a good thing right? There was no damage at all, which i was very happy about.

Its safe to say i love these drawers. They’re placed centre stage on my dressing table, which i think looks gorgeous! From the pictures you can see that i use them to store most of my makeup, my more everyday pieces. the top drawer contains lip products, second drawer eyes, 3rd drawer face with blushers and bronzers in the bottom drawer. Everything fits in great and i am so happy with how it looks and how organised it all is! For £10.95 each, i would defiantly say that there worth it!


Illamasqua Blush in Beg – Review and Swatches


I’ve been slow to hop on board this band wagon, and let me just say am I glad I finally did. Illamasqua products have always caught my eye on numerous blog posts and youtube videos, so I finally decided to purchase this blush with the hope that I would love it. I picked up one of their Powder Blushers in the shade Beg. This isn’t the kind of shade that I would usually pick, especially with summer around the corner, but for some reason this shade instantly jumped out to me. As you can see from the pictures, it’s a beautiful deep pink shade with almost hints of burgundy running through. Typically, this cheek colour would be worn more in Autumn/Winter as it is a deep and dark shade. However, I find that this looks so much more beautiful once applied to the cheeks. It gives the most perfect pinky/reddy flush which I actually think enhances the skin, especially with a tan.

The first thing I noticed, apart from the colour, was the packaging. Illamasqua defiantly know how to package their products, it looks stunning and is something that really makes you want to display it so that everyone can see. Not only this, but I love the fact that it had a clear little ‘window’ on top, making it easy to see the shade once among your other Blushers and makeup products – very handy!

The formula of the product itself is very velvety to the touch which makes applying extremely easy and flawless once on the skin. It’s also very pigmented, so you only need to lightly tap your brush into the power and you will have enough. As far as lasting power goes, I find that it lasts pretty much all day (I wear make-up from around 7am to about 5pm) so I can’t complain there.

All in all this is a gorgeous blush that I think would suit any skin tones. I would defiantly recommend picking it up when you’re next near an Illamasqua counter!

Jewelry Organisation – How I Organize my Necklaces!



For the longest time I have had nowhere to put my necklaces without them getting tangled and broken. So when I was strolling through Primark a couple of weeks ago and saw this, I got super excited. As you can see from the pictures, it’s a bog standard hanger but the only difference is that it has hooks where you can easily hang your necklaces or other jewelry onto. The hanger means that you can hang it in your wardrobe without your accessories getting tangled or damaged. not only this, but it has a felt feel meaning that things won’t slip and slide about. I have found that it stores a lot, which is great for a necklace hoarder like myself. They come in lots of colours from black to pink and mint. At £2 why not give it a try, i’m sure it won’t disappoint. Say good-bye to knotted chains and the hassle of finding your jewels.

May Favourites


Is it me, or has this year flown by already..It’s summer already! I’d like to start by apologizing for the lack of posts recently, my life has been pretty hectic what with exams and all the other bits and bobs that seem to get in the way. But i’m back now and have lots of exciting posts to share with you. Starting with my may favourites, yay!

I’m not too sure why, but recently my skin has gotten super dry. Whatever I seem to put on both my face and body never seems to vanish those pesky dry patches that have seemed to inhabit my skin. That was until I re-discovered the Palmers Coca Butter. This stuff not only smells great, but leaves your skin feeling so so soft. However, I haven’t yet found anything for my face, so if anyone has any recommendations then I would be very grateful!

Keeping to the subject of dryness (mm, nice) my lips have also been feeling pretty chapped. so when I was mooching around Boots a couple of months ago, I saw the Maybelline Baby Lips and decided to jump among the band wagon. I picked mine up in the shade Cherry Me and woah have I been loving it. It makes my lips feel super soft and also gives a tint of red, perfect for this time of year. Oh, and did I mention that it smells amazing?

I’ve always loved the Body Shop Body Mists, and this one in Mango is no exception. Its the perfect spring/summer scent, making you smell fruity and fresh. A steal at only £7.50, as it has lasted me forever!

When this mascara came out first, Loreal Miss Manga, I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. Probably because of the claims that the promotion had of it. Having said this, i did decide to pick it up as i’m always on the hunt for the perfect drugstore/high street mascara. This did not disappoint. I found that it made my lashes look lengthened and also gave them an extra bit of volume, ideal for my short and stubby looking lashes. Not only this but it seemed to last all day without tedious top-ups.

Lastly is a product that I have probably had for well over a year now. I bought it just before Christmas and was immediately drawn to the beautiful purple shades. Purple isn’t normally a colour that I would even dream about putting on my lids, but for some reason these look stunning. I’m talking about the No7 Midnight Enchantment Palette which I am so sorry, but I think was limited edition (you could find it on ebay or amazon maybe). I have been mostly wearing a matte flesh toned shade over my whole lid with the dark, nearly black purple as a liner. I have then been loving putting the lightest purple in my inner corners for a pop of colour but also to brighten up my eyes.

Keep an eye out for some new posts coming your way very soon!

The Best of the Tinted Lip Balms


Not going to lie, but I love a good’old lip balm, especially if it’s tinted. Sometimes lipsticks can be a little hard going, either too drying or just feeling a bit uncomfortable on the lips. For me, tinted balms give you the best of both worlds, hydrating your lips but at the same time giving you a splash of colour. This time of year is when, my lips anyhow, are extremely dry and chapped so a balm is something I reach for day to day. I’ve laid out a few of my all time favourites, sharing the love of the tinted balm.

Korres Lip Butter in Quince // Korres for me is the mother of all balms. This little pot of goodness does wonders to the lips, smells great and has a range of extremely pigmented colours. What more do you want?

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me // When these came out first I wasn’t drawn in to the hype surrounding them. Okay, so they were meant to moisturize your lips, give them a lovely wash of colour and leave them feeling like a baby’s bottom, but for some reason they didn’t stand out to me. That was until I finally decided to pick this little guy up. It’s safe to say i’m hooked. It does everything and more that everyone says it does, seriously pick one up if you haven’t already!

Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick in Orange Crush // Who doesn’t want they’re lips smelling of oranges? Mmm, this stuff seriously smells amazing. It feels great on the lips and leaves you with a subtle but lovely orange tint – great for spring and summer.

Loreal Carese in Tempting Lilac // I picked this up about a year ago. Its been through the wars in my bag, having survived a serious run in with a leaking pen. However, to this day I still use it and love it. It’s totally different from the other balms i’ve mentioned, having a more lipsticky texture. The colour is also gorgeous, would totally recommend.

Polishing Off The Week


I’m not usually one for a super dark nail, but recently I’ve been loving dark, nearly black shades like this one. China Glaze is a nail polish brand that I’ve always loved, and I’ve had this in my collection for a while without using it. It’s the perfect grey/black, which is perfect for this time of year. I’ve had it on for a good 3-4 days so far and have only noticed minor chipping, so pretty good. The polish itself applies effortlessly and lease your nails with a gel-like shine. I would defiantly recommend!