Benefit Sugarglam Fairies Gift Set

IMG_9038 There’s nothing I like better than a good gift set, and when I saw this one from Benefit, I just couldn’t resist. Okay, so maybe it’s not christmas yet and maybe I don’t need to buy anymore makeup, but there was something about this that made me grab it and run straight towards the till. I’ve wanted to try all of the products in the set for such a long time, and seeing as all but one are full size (which is unusual for Benefit sets) it was an instant hit for me. The set includes Hoola Bronzer, The Porefessional Primer, They’re Real Mascara and a mini of Benetint.

All of the products are everything I expected and more. The They’re Real being my makes your lashes look incredible! I also love how versatile Benetint is, I use it not only on my cheeks to add a rosy glow, but it makes a great lip stain, without making your lips dry and chapped. And I can’t do this post without mentioning Hoola bronzer. This stuff really lives up to it’s expectations. It’s the perfect shade for me as i’m quite pale, but I still think it would suit a wide range of skin tones. It’s totally matte, making it not only great for a overall bronze but also makes a perfect contour shade. Lastly, The Porefessional Primer. I have heard so much hype about this product, and I can see why. It really does minimise the appearance of pores, and leaves your skin with a silky soft base ready for applying your foundation.

At only £44.50, this set is such a steal and would make a great Christmas present or a cheeky little gift for yourself. If you have any other Benefit recommendations or any other brands, then I would love to know!


My Everyday Jewellery Picks


We all have those pieces that we subconsciously put on while getting ready, and the pieces that tend to go with pretty much anything and everything you throw on. Yes, i’m talking about the jewellery picks you know and love. For me, I have 4 items that I have stuck to for a good 6 months, and what I plan to keep for a good few months to come (or until I find something that beats it). For me, my jewellery tends to be pretty low key and minimalistic yet which is still practical and looks good at the same time. I don’t mind clashing my metals, in fact I quite like it, so don’t be surprised when you see both silver and gold mixed in here.

Watch// I was eyeing up the Micheal Korrs watches for such a long time, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend all my months wages on one thing, even though in time I would thank myself. However, I found this watch in River Island last year and I instantly fell in love. Not only does it have the same style as the Micheal Korrs, but this one has a smaller face, meaning my stick like wrists won’t look too out of the way with a big watch on them! Okay, so maybe the quality isn’t as good, but for me, it looks and works the same.

Rings// My silver Pandora ring with black detailing was given to me by my best friend one year for my birthday and is something that I have worn everyday since. I’ve occasionally misplaced it and contemplated re-buying as I love it that much! My silver moonstone ring is another favourite of mine. I bought it in Spain last year on holiday and I love everything about it. Even though it’s a bluey stone, I still find that I can wear it with pretty much anything – It’s one of those timeless pieces.

Necklace// Necklaces are usually what I change up the most when it comes to my accessories. Having said that, recently I have worn this necklace from H&M continuously. I love the simple design and the fact that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. It looks great with a plain black t-shirt, as it makes the gold really stand out.

Nars ‘And God Created the Woman’ Palette


So, Space NK may have happened. When I saw this product, I had to restrain myself..but that evidently didn’t last long. Seriously though, how gorgeous is this palette? It may have been ridiculously over priced, but I thought that I should treat myself once in a while, even if it does blow a huge whole in the bank statement. I’ve seen so many people talk about the ‘And God Created The Woman’ palette from Nars, so I couldn’t not pick it up.

It comes with 6 stunning shades, with both matte and shimmery shades ranging from light pinks to deep chocolatly browns, defiantly my kind of palette. All the shadows I believe you can also buy in single form, but this handy palette means you can have them all in one. The colours included are:

Coconut Grove

(not sure on the last one, the product description only mentions 5)

Not only do I love the fact that it comes with a mini size of the Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, along with a brush (which is actually really good) but the size of the palette is perfect for travelling!

Seriously get this palette while you can, go and treat yourself!

Twist on the OOTD – Casual Day


So I thought it would be a good idea to do a slight twist on an OOTD. Usually you would see me actually wearing the outfit, but instead I thought of laying it out like this..I don’t know if it works or not, you can be the judge of that! Today I just popped into town, firstly for a lecture and then to do a spot of shopping (no surprise there). I love this outfit, it’s comfortable but still looks good. I would pair it with tights, boots and a leather jacket on a cold day, but days where it’s slightly hotter then I would probably just wear white converses.

Top: Zara
Skirt: New Look
Sunglasses: Peacocks
Necklace: H&M

Thank you for reading!xx

New Make-up Buys – Loreal


I’m always the one who gets hooked into offers at Boots, whether it’s 3 for 2 or buy 1 get second 1/2 price. This time it was good old 3 for 2 across all Loreal make-up, so I obviously had to take up the offer. I originally planned on stopping at the Loreal counter to pick up their bronzer. My friend has it and whenever i’m with her I always steal her make-up bag and swatch it. Its the perfect shade for pale people, which is why I was drawn to it in the first place. While I was there one of their eyeshadow quads caught my eye. The colours are perfect for autumn, and I was in need of some new eyeshadows so at £7.99 I thought I would give them a try. And last but not least I picked up one of their Le Blushes in the shade 120. It’s a perfect everyday shade with slight shimmer. The colour itself is a dusty pink, so its not too overpowering. If you would like first impressions/reviews on any of these products then let me know!:)

My Skincare Routine – New Products I’ve been loving!


I have to admit, when it comes to skincare, I am pretty lazy. Make-up wipes are my best friend, and I know they’re forbidden in the skincare ‘world’ but for me, the connivence of them are just far too appealing. However, lately I have been trying to be good and I have actually found some pretty amazing, inexpensive products that both take my makeup off easily and take hardly any time at all.

Step 1 – Cleanse/Removing Make-up//
For this step i’ve found a new product that is amazing! I simply pour out a little of the Garnier Millecilar Water onto a cotton pad and gently swipe over my face. I also use this to remove my eye makeup, and it does it so well. The product itself is just like water so is utterly undetectable when on the skin, perfect if you suffer from sensitive skin like me.

Step 2 – Tone//
I’ve probably used the Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion since I was about 11. It’s great at not only toning your skin, but it also deeply cleans your pores, leaving your face squeaky clean. This is also a sensitive formula, so is suitable for all skin types.

Step 3 – Moisturise//
Simple is one of those brands whom seem to do it right when it comes to High Street skincare. It’s not only effective but affordable, perfect for students like me who are on a budget. Their Rich Moisturiser is pretty basic, but it does the job! It adds moisture to all those dry patches and sinks in really quickly.

I think it’s easy to forget eye cream in your skincare routine, especially for younger girls. However, I love using the Superdrug’s own eye cream. Its cheap and works great so me. It is gentle under my eyes so I don’t get any irritation and it leaves the area nice and smooth.

Real Techniques Core Collection – Best Makeup Brushes?


After months of contemplation, I have finally bought these brushes. I probably have way more makeup brushes than is needed for a girl of my age, but I have heard so much about this particular set that I had to try them out! I already have the eye kit from Real Techniques, and they’re brushes that I love and use everyday. The real reason for wanting the Core Collection however was for the Buffing Brush. I’d heard so much hype about it and really wanted to try it out for myself, and its safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

All the brushes from the line are made from synthetic fibres, meaning that they are 100% cruelty free (bonus). This also makes them super easy to clean, so if like me you slack when it comes to washing your brushes, this will make the chore a little easier. Another reason why I love these so much is because they don’t shed. There is nothing worse than applying your foundation to find that you have little hairs all over your face, but with these you won’t have that problem.

These brushes apply makeup seamlessly to the skin giving you a completely flawless complexion. They are by far my favourite makeup brushes by price, design and most importantly how they apply makeup.